The Best Beginner JavaScript Projects for 2021

javascript project for beginners: Projects are one of the most effective ways to learn JavaScript. Whether it’s learning the fundamentals of JavaScript or diving deeper into something more complex, we’re always looking to improve our JavaScript abilities. Quizzes, games, and generators are examples of JavaScript projects that not only increase your programming skills but also help you create your portfolio.

JavaScript Projects for Beginners

The first step to a successful programming career is to have some initial JavaScript projects under your belt. Your own projects demonstrate that employers are committed to your job and desire to improve as a programmer. But what kind of projects should you perform as a novice with JavaScript?

Do not proceed any further if you’re searching for a basic JavaScript project. We looked at JavaScript’s most helpful projects and chose a handful of them that would help you start in style. These programs provide you a great beginning in your programming career and help to secure a developer’s employment. Through code sharing sites such as CodePen, you will have access to numerous tools and examples to help your project evolve. When we show you the ropes with these suggestions for the Javascript project, you will be ready to smile at your hire manager.

The greatest projects for beginners in JavaScript are here:

  • Build a game
  • Play Around with JavaScript Graphics
  • Build a quiz
  • Create a generator random number

Build a Game

javascript games for beginners

Let’s not kid ourselves: most people become interested in computers and technology as a result of some type of entertainment. In this category, games are the frontrunner. Video games are the honey that entices the young and keeps them hooked on the game. You can, however, create your own game to improve your skills and confidence. Creating a game necessitates time and a thorough understanding of the required skills. As a coding challenge, you may try your hand at game design.

JavaScript Hangman

The game of hangman is a simple guessing game. You must guess a word one letter at a time.Before you lose, you only have a limited amount of guesses. You’ll need to do the following while developing a game of hangman:

  • Set a limit on how far you’ll go with your guesses.
  • Provide players with an interface via which they can make their guesses.
  • Show the players their remaining guesses.
  • Make a term that the players must guess.

This project will take several (some) time, but the skills gained will be well worth the time. As you build it further, you can add pictures and music.

JavaScript Tic Tac Toe

Tic tac toe is another surprising JavaScript project for newbie. If you work hard enough, you can complete the game in a single day. You’ll make a 33-square grid, and each participant will take turns inserting a cross or a circle.

You must organize the diversion to  distinguish a  champ in case somebody gets three crosses or circles in a even, inclining, or vertical push. The  amusement of tic tac toe is straightforward, but programming is troublesome.

To make your coding project easier, split the game down into basic steps.

JavaScript Pong Game

Pong is a classic game. It’s a basic game in which all you have to do is move a small block up and down while bouncing a ball. Some of the things to code for programming a pong game are as follows:

  • Whenever the ball strikes, move it quicker.
  • Allow the computer to accelerate at a random rate.
  • Bounce the ball off the paddles.
  • After the ball has passed through a paddle, display the scores.

Experiment with Graphics in JavaScript.


JavaScript is utilized for a number of disciplines and organisations, but in graphical applications one of the most prevalent sectors where language is used.. Graphics production is a typical task for programmers, and you’ll need to know a lot about it if you want to grow in your web development career. As a stage in JavaScript code can be used as a graphical project. Employers will view a graphics project in conjunction with HTML and CSS as proof that you have the skills required for JavaScript.

A drawing project is an excellent way to get started in the graphics field. You can include CSS and HTML elements into the project and start constructing a workable graphics program thanks to JavaScript’s capability. It’s so clam than you think, and before you notice this effort itself, it will be easier. When you face a hiring manager, while you impress them with their graphical skills, you can smile and answer their inquiries of information.

Build a Quiz

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Does the name “Star Wars” ring a bell for you? Perhaps you’re a connoisseur of antique bonnets. Everyone has a passion for something about which they know a lot of information; why not put that knowledge to good use and make it work for you? All those weasel migration data are simply taking up space in your head, so you might as well put them to use. A JavaScript quiz is an excellent approach to accomplish this. Using basic JavaScript and a little imagination, you can construct a quiz on any subject.

A quiz is a simple project that is ideal for a beginner developer looking for entertaining and informative JavaScript assignments. You can make a quiz as complicated as you want, and you may return to it later to alter the presentation as your skills improve.

Build a Random Number Generator with Your Skills

Random number generator

If you’ve already mastered the “Beginner Programmer” concept and are looking for a new challenge, try some of the more challenging jobs. For JavaScript writers with a little expertise, random number creation—real, robust number production that comes as near to being truly random as you can get in this wacky world—is a pleasant project.

Do you know what Nano ID is? It’s everything you’ll need to make a functioning random number generator. Having the skills and motivation to create this type of program on your own will impress the next company you apply to. Mastering Nano ID and the notion of the number generator will take some time, but it will put you ahead of the pack and signal to hiring supervisors that you are interested in security.

Other Beginner and Advanced JavaScript Projects for Coders

During learning JavaScript you can conduct a number of projects. Set yourself more challenges as you progress to more advanced projects. Show your highest qualities in terms of your portfolio improvement. This is a list of projects that you can finish.


Make a primary (basic) stopwatch that can be begin and stopped with a single button click. You may take it a step further and use a countdown timer.

Weather App

You don’t have to be a meteorologist to create a weather app.This project demonstrates how to show data obtained from an API.


For JavaScript programmers, a calculator is a must-have project. This is a straightforward project that teaches you how to use your code to perform mathematical computations. Begin with simple calculations and work your way up to more difficult computations.


JavaScript is almost certainly used in any application or website that has a clock. Making a clock is an excellent project for learning about JavaScript. You can also set the clock to show photographs at specific periods of the day. Another project is to convert your clock into an alarm clock once you’ve completed it.

Landing Page

You could work in web design and development if you use JavaScript programming as a job. Using JavaScript to create a landing page teaches you how to integrate the code into a website. Use this programming language to collect data from the website or to assist users in creating a profile.

Grocery List

Do you ever forget anything when you go shopping for food? It’s an excellent approach to keep track of a shopping list. You will be taught how to inform users when adding items to the list. You may also find a search filter and add items to a list. Add up the cost of products and use your computer to determine the overall cost before you go shopping.

How to Start JavaScript Projects for Beginners

If you’re just starting, it can be intimidating to build your own JavaScript programs. This is a tough task because no code is available. However, you can use a number of resources to support this effort.

JavaScript Courses

Online courses are provided in a variety of formats. To assist newcomers, many of these projects include YouTube tutorials associated with them. Take a course if you truly want to learn. After you’ve completed the project, restart it and see how far you can get on your own.

Online Resources

There are various free JavaScript resources available online to help you with your learning. From Codepen, which allows you to program in your web browser, to Github, which has a plethora of guidance and knowledge, there is something for everyone.

Start Learning JavaScript Today

All this is to it. It’s there. When you begin to learn JavaScript, it may seem impossible, but it will be straightforward after you break it into tiny pieces. You’ve got the confidence and expertise you need to become a superstar developer and cashmaker with a few of JavaScript projects for beginners.

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