Nodejs Project For Beginners

If you have decided to build your career in NodeJS development, we have gathered a list of nodeJS projects for beginners for all node enthusiasts to build highly scalable web applications.

These best nodeJS projects for beginners will help you gain knowledge about core node concepts, train your skill level, build a superb work portfolio, and get hired for your dream job.

It is highly recommended for newbies in coding to create a repository for each of their projects as they begin developing their first projects so that they may learn git and show their coding expertise to future employers.

In some cases, there are extra frameworks that can be used to make Node.js development considerably easier and faster. It would be beneficial if you could pay special attention to the following:

Express — is one of the most popular and the most often selected frameworks. Express is known as fast, flexible, and minimalistic. It’s suitable for building web and mobile applications.

Nest.js — is another NodeJS framework that is great for developing progressive server-side applications, the code in Nest.js is written in Typescript.

Sequelize — it’s a generator framework, that helps us to work with NodeJS and databases. It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, and some more. — it’s a special type of framework, as it focuses on building real-time apps like chats.

In this article, I’d like to tell you about Best Node JS project For Beginners that will help you train your skills, build an impressive portfolio, and get hired. 

1. Portfolio App

For all you beginners in programming, creating a portfolio app as your initial nodejs projects for beginners will be an apt idea. Here, you can focus on the application’s design and how the sample projects are doing. This software can also show your personal style choices.

You can use a variety of aspects to provide a positive user experience, such as presenting the application and its output in an attractive manner.

The architecture of the project is the next item on your to-do list. It contains the code you’re developing to create a lightweight, user-friendly application. In addition, you must first design distinct routes for each project.

To manage the views in Node.js, each route has its own set of controllers. You don’t have to duplicate the code for the header and footer if the header and footer are the same, which is a benefit for programmers.

2. Basic Users System

A Basic User System is another application that can be used for training. Because the user is a part of practically any program, this is a simple project that will allow you to practice several extremely valuable abilities.

In this example, you will learn:

  • how to set up the database and do migrations
  • how to create a new user by the registration
  • how to build login endpoint
  • how to authenticate user
  • how to get the user’s data.

In the case of registration and login, you should generate a JWT token for the user that will be returned from the API.

Besides that, remember to hash the password before you save it in the database.

3. Books Directory

The most basic project you can create using Node.js and Express or Nest.js is a simple REST API.

For this purpose, I’d like to suggest you build a book directory, where you would need to create endpoints, using the four most basic methods: GET, POST, PUT and DELETE.

You’d use GET to get all of the books or just one book by id. You can add a new book to the list using the POST method. You’ll need the PUT method to update an existing book, and the DELETE method will basically remove the book from the list.

For this kind of application, you don’t have to use the database, and for the first app, you can start with data collected as a JSON file.

4. Chat App

Another basic nodejs projects for beginners, is a chat application, where the programmer gets a fair idea of working with real-time systems.

To begin, divide the program into two parts: the client part and the server part. You and the client can transfer data directly at any time using a web socket. This function is frequently referred to as a “virtual handshake.”

The process starts with the client sending regular HTTP request to the server. This particular application is very easy to code with the knowledge of web sockets and

You can enhance your application by –

  1. Keeping a record of all conversations.
  2. Online/offline labels.
  3. Take references from the features of whatsapp.
  4. A registration system for one on one chats.

5. Email Sender

An Email Sender App is the next project idea in Node.js that you can work on. You will learn how to send emails in Node.js and how to schedule emails during this project. And that will be very beneficial in the future, as many apps will require this feature, such as when a new user comes in.

For sending emails easily, you could use the Nodemailer plugin, which is quite easy and well documented.

In some time, you can add a frontend and easily create emails with HTML.

6. Web Security

This is one of the most interesting projects a novice programmer should work upon if he/ she is looking to build a career in Node development.

You can create a spoof login page like Facebook’s to know the passwords of your family and friends( can be executed if you are able to host it on your LAN).

Things are more interesting when you can host it on the web, there you can peak into almost anyone’s password.

7. Video Streaming Platform

This nodejs projects for beginners project, is tremendously eye-catching and could easily help you get your dream job, if you learn all the basics right.

You must divide the video content into parts to avoid sending it all to the frontend at once. You’ll also need to develop some HTML5 for the video player and some Javascript for the player buttons on the frontend.

8. Gaming

For all the console programmers, this appears to be the ideal method to combine work and pleasure. Create a gaming app of your choice, learn basic programming skills, and turn your software into a business by selling it on the Google Play Store!

To begin, use web sockets to provide a real-time dialogue between the clients and the server while developing in NodeJS. Start by developing an applet that collects statistics from many clients and merges them onto a single platform.

For larger applications, you can put more effort into CSS stylesheet and have more interface elements. Try to keep all the logic to the server side so the client only has to give input to render the information from the server’s end.

9. Basic Users System

Another application for nodejs projects for beginners is a “Basic User System”. It’s a very basic project, but it will help you to practice useful skills because the user is a part of almost every application. 

The following are the major learning objectives for this application: how to set up the database and perform migrations, how to register a new user, how to design a login endpoint, how to authenticate users, and how to get the user’s data.

In the case of registration and login, you should generate a JWT token for the user that will be returned from the API. Besides that, remember to hash the password before you save it in the database.

10. To-Do list

Making a to-do list is a far more simple way to understand the fundamentals of programming. Create a blank page for the user to write down all of the tasks they need to perform for the day.

And, Store the new and completed tasks in a different array. For this application put in very minimal CSS styles with a neat appearance.

To get your application running use express framework. Express is one of the minimalist frameworks which will be very easy to work with a server like node.js.

In Conclusion

In this article, we have gathered few basic nodeJS projects for beginners, which the learners can practice to enhance their Node JS skills and build a coding portfolio. 

I hope you’ll find these ideas useful to place yourself at a better position in coding with nodejs. If you have more suggestions/ ideas about nodejs projects for beginners, please share in the comment section below!

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